Relentless Simplicity - if a feature doesn't make it easier to get a job done, it doesn't go in. Our platform handles the complexity so you don't have to.

Relentless Buyer Focus - we put your own customers experience first to ensure they can enjoy an engaging and simple buying experience. It's the best way to get them to buy more.

Relentless  Accessibility - everything from our technical architecture through our in-built training cues to our pricing plans are devised to remove barriers and allow our customers to quickly enjoy the competitive advantage that CADshare brings.

Our story

CADshare was founded by Chris Acheson in 2014. Chris, a mechanical engineer, had just returned to the UK from a 10-year stint in Australia where he worked in the Mining and Mineral Processing industries. The seed for CADshare was sown when Chris found himself commissioning equipment in a coal mine in a remote corner of Shanxi Province, China. With pressure mounting on the job to get product through the plant, Chris couldn’t believe it when the right part turned up (a vee-belt pulley to facilitate a speed change) but with no bolts to install it with. Try finding 8 M16 bolts in rural China in a hurry! The idea took further shape as Chris went on to manage project teams on mines across Australia and witnessed first hand the difficulty of ensuring the right parts would be available during planned maintenance shutdowns or in breakdown situations.

Chris was joined by Neil to provide the technical capabilities that would be required to deliver an innovative platform with a relentless focus on usability. Neil has been designing engineering software  for years and comes from a family with a rich history in manufacturing.

Our team has grown as our business continues to enjoy success and we continue to help manufacturers sell more parts through our intuitive e-commerce platform.