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Want a powerful customer experience? Make it easy for the customer.

29th September 2017

We live in a time where there are a lot of options. It’s never been easier to make choices from a wide selection of options. When manufacturers understand this reality, customer experience becomes a critical part of their business.

But how can manufacturers rise above to the challenge and retain customer loyalty throughout their equipment life cycle. The answer is intriguing. We’re all customers. Take 10 seconds to think of companies you use exclusively because of brilliant customer service. Now take 10 seconds to think of companies you won’t ever use again because of BAD customer service. If you’re like most people I try this with, the second list is longer. Making life harder for your customer is an experience killer. Bad experience has a much more negative impact than a good experience has a positive impact on loyalty.

So how can you make sure your customer doesn’t have a bad experience? Make it easy for them to do whatever it is they are trying to do. The Customer Experience Board recently surveyed 97,000 customers and found that exceeding customer expectations isn’t the point. What matters for customer loyalty is minimising the effort required by the customer to get whatever they are trying to do, done. It will come as no surprise that going online is a critical element of this – how often do you go into the bank these days to check balances or pay bills? If you’re like me, it’s twice a year.

We’ll be exploring what “minimising effort” actually means in future posts, particularly when it comes to selling spare parts. In the meantime, feel free to access our demo by entering your e-mail below to see how CADshare makes it really easy for your customers to do business with you.