We work with some of the most exciting technologies out there to deliver solutions that fix real problems facing Original Equipment Manufacturers. It’s an exciting industry and manufacturers are actively looking for ways to channel new technologies that drive efficiencies and create new revenue opportunities. If you want to really make a difference in your career then come work for us and help lead the aftermarket into the future.

Our Values

We are fanatical about the success of our customers.

We embrace change and creativity, and have fun doing it.

We take ownership.

We talk openly and honestly.

We do more with less and strive for simplicity.

We treat our team members like friends and family.

We create substance over sizzle.

We are a small company doing big things.

As far as workplaces go, CADshare is a rare breed. We achieve a lot with a small team, allowing us to stand side by side with companies like Salesforce and our partners, Autodesk. We do this by staying agile and focusing relentlessly on our customers needs, while having a great time doing it.

Working with a small team means you can have a real impact - on our customers, our product and our business. Everyone has the opportunity to have a say.

It also means there are a world of opportunities out there for you. Our users are throughout Europe, North America and Australia so travel is always a possibility if you want it. We invest in our people, and will get the right training to empower you to do your job better and prepare you for the next level you can achieve with us.

We’re looking for great people to join our team.

We’re making a difference and scaling fast. Come and work in a great environment with a great team and discover your dream job!

Graduate Opportunities

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sales Executive – B2B Software

Belfast, Northern Ireland