Effortless online parts ordering for your customers.

Easy and fast authoring for you.

Give your customers a simple and accurate ordering experience

The harder it is to order parts, the less parts your customers will order from you. Empower them to quickly access the correct part data and easily place an order whenever they need to. CADshare provides an engaging and intuitive experience that allows your customers to accurately order their parts without needing technical support every time.

Create clear, concise and accurate part manuals in a fraction of the time.

Leverage your engineering models to provide a visual experience that allows your customers to navigate quickly through your equipment to the parts they need. The CADshare authoring environment allows manufacturers to easily create engaging 3D parts manuals for complex machinery that are always accurate and always up to date.

Manage your enquiries, quotes and orders in one place

Whether you use CADshare for generating enquiries, or you want to sell directly online, CADshare's integrated ordering workflow makes order management simple.