“Ideal for those looking to revolutionise the spare parts book workflow with a modern, intelligent approach” – Al Dean, Editor in Chief at DEVELOP3D

Listen to Al Dean – he knows what he is talking about. When he asked us to appear in the DEVELOP3D guide to technical publication software, we jumped at the chance. DEVEOP3D is a highly respected engineering publication that has been reporting on product development technologies since 2008. It was great to talk to Al and, most importantly, get his perspective on our capabilities and vision.

The guide featured four exciting companies who are innovating in this space. Of CADshare, Al said “CADshare brings together a cloud-based platform with CAD and ERP integration to achieve a unique workflow. This makes light work of taking your existing 3D geometry and turning it into a dynamic spare part catalogue with integrated stock check and ordering facility.”

He was also impressed with our unique focus on providing OEMs with the ability to sell parts online through the platform - “What’s interesting is that CADshare also takes support further than many rival systems, by providing the means to handle the order process, in addition to the pure catalogue and book creation capabilities that you might expect”

Finishing up, Al noted that CADshare are “one to watch” as we move forward with our vision of becoming the OEM customer support platform of choice.

Find us in the print version, page 35 – or view digital copy

4 October 2020 by