Empower your customers and dealers to easily access the right part data and identify the right spare parts whenever and wherever need to.

Customer ordering parts from a 3D model on the CADshare Platform

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Provide a great customer experience to gain a competitive edge

CADshare offers a quick and easy way to your customers to purchase the spare parts they need. It is easy to access, easy to navigate and easy to update meaning that information is kept up-to-date and accurate. Customers have the ability to re-ordering parts, to create recurring orders and copy orders with ease.

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Our system is fully responsive to be used on the go for all manufacturing needs

Digital Part Identification and Ordering

Intuitive part identification

In an increasingly competitive global market differentiation on product features & benefits is no longer enough. Customer experience is having a big impact on purchasing decisions. Minimising customer effort is the real key to driving growth in both spare parts and capital equipment sales. CADshare provides a simple and engaging buying experience that makes it really easy to do business with you - so your customers will keep coming back for more...

With a choice between fully dynamic 3D parts diagrams or static but interactive 2D views, the CADshare platform caters to all levels of technical ability. Accessible on PC or tablet, with full support for touch controls, navigation of complex products has never been easier.

Manufacturer communicating with the customer via our messaging feature within our ordering platform

Order Management

A self-service part ordering system with support available when needed.

Digitising your parts ordering process correctly means you can expect the vast majority of your parts orders to happen automatically. But there will always be cases when you need to provide additional support to make sure your customers get the right parts.

With CADshare, you can have conversations with your customers within the platform, streamlining your communications and making sure that everyone is one the same page Create a conversation thread on an order, or even on a specific part, safe in the knowledge that you are looking at the same parts data

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