A transformational update that will continue to yield benefits for years to come. Until now, CADshare has been primarily driven by CAD data. During the translation process the platform extracted part number and description data and placed it into our own database for each element. This meant it was quick to get started, but editing could be cumbersome. For example if a user needed to edit the description for a part, it had to be done multiple times for each instance of that part in the model.

No more – we have now implemented a master part data schema into the CADshare platform giving us a single record for each part in the system. Now, during translation we use powerful algorithms to intelligently match each element in the model to a master part record. In practice, that means a single place to edit part information that will immediately be replicated to all instances of that part in all models.

This master data often comes from an ERP system and can be either uploaded manually via excel/csv or automatically through our integration APIs.

It means you can also add language translations for each part description, with English, French and German currently supported. Watch for more languages being added over the coming months.

10 July 2020 by