A huge update that leads to significant time savings for our customer. Following on from our last update that introduced our new master parts schema, we have now expanded on that to implement a high degree of automation into the creation of your 3D spare parts content.

Through the brand new Parts Management tab you can now create Kits, Options, 3D links and sub-BOMS at the master part level. These will then be automatically applied to all existing models and models that are subsequently uploaded in the future. Simply search for a part and view the part management panel to do the following:

Kits – CADshare will automatically detect when all parts available in the kit are in a model and make that kit available to the customer.

Options – Manage serial breaks, provide different variants of a part or ask the customer to choose their desired colour. Whatever it is, do it once and now it will be applied to all models.

Supersede an assembly – upload a new assembly and use it to replace an existing assembly in all models across the system. No need to edit the original models, CADshare will link the new assembly and ensure the customer gets navigated to the most current version.

Create a mini-BOM – build a BOM underneath a part or locked assembly to include parts that may not be discretely modelled. For example, a bought-in motor or gearbox where you don’t have full 3D content from your supplier.

Where used – see a list of models where this part is used.

Descriptions – view and edit the part description in multiple languages.

Also added in this release:

  • Ability to edit the enquiry/order number.
  • You can now link to models outside the current product – allowing you to build a library of commonly used assemblies, complete with snapshots, that can be published multiple times.

6 October 2020 by