A new solution for an old problem

CADshare is an online parts ordering and management system for equipment manufacturers that makes it simple for your customers to get the right parts.

Put your customers at the centre of your parts ordering experience to enhance your brand and drive parts sales growth.

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Make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

Buying from Amazon is easy. Your customers expect the same online experience from you. CADshare provides a simple eand engaging buying process that ensures your customers will come back again and again.

Respond faster

If you are going to sell more parts, you'll need to be able to cope with demand. CADshare provides an end-to-end order management system that allows the aftermarket team to ship parts faster.

Create and manage 3D parts experiences in minutes, not weeks

Leverage your 3D engineering models to create intuitive, accurate and simple part ordering experiences in a fraction of the time it takes to author a traditional parts manual.


Easy part identification

Rich browser based visualisation and intuitive navigation makes part identification accessible, accurate and fast for even the most complex equipment.

Always on part ordering

Your customers need to order parts at any time of the day. CADshare gives a fully featured online part ordering workflow available 24/7 that supports parts sales directly to end users or via a global distributor network.

Fast manual authoring

Create immersive, clear and communicative 3D experiences for your customers with a minimum of fuss. No extra CAD licenses or authoring software required.

Comprehensive Order Management

All your customers order information in one place. Fulfil new orders, review past activity and manage customer expectations.