“CADshare enables us to provide a world class service to our customers and maximise their plant efficiency.”

— Tom Houston - Director, CustomCare at CDE

A new solution for an old problem

CADshare is the refreshing solution that brings spare part ordering online. Your customers and dealers can now identify parts, request quotes and place orders online with this easy to use parts ordering platform. Publishing your 3D manuals and managing your orders has never been so easy.

Put your customers at the centre of your parts ordering experience to enhance your brand and drive parts sales growth.

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“The average service interaction is four times more likely to make a customer disloyal than to make them loyal”

— Matthew Dixon, "The Effortless Experience"

Customer experience is the new battleground

In an increasingly competitive global market differentiation on product features & benefits is no longer enough. Customer experience is having a big impact on purchasing decisions. Minimising customer effort is the real key to driving growth in both spare parts and capital equipment sales.

CADshare provides a simple and engaging buying experience that makes it really easy to do business with you - so your customers will keep coming back for more.

“Exceeding customer expectations is not enough - what impacts customer loyalty is minimal customer effort”

— Blake Morgan, Forbes.com

The Right Parts. In the Right Place. At the Right Time,

This is what your customers want. This is what you want.

Customers wanting to self serve isn't something for the future - they want to do it now. CADshare gives manufacturers and their customers peace of mind that the right parts are on the way with a frictionless purchasing process that ensures the right parts get shipped on time, every time.

Create and manage 3D parts experiences in minutes, not weeks

Leverage your 3D engineering models to create intuitive, accurate and simple part ordering experiences in a fraction of the time it takes to author a traditional parts manual.


Easy part identification

Rich browser based visualisation and intuitive navigation makes part identification accessible, accurate and fast for even the most complex equipment.

Always on part ordering

Your customers need to order parts at any time of the day. CADshare gives a fully featured online part ordering workflow available 24/7 that supports parts sales directly to end users or via a global distributor network.

Fast manual authoring

Create immersive, clear and communicative 3D experiences for your customers with a minimum of fuss. No extra CAD licenses or authoring software required.

Comprehensive Order Management

All your customers order information in one place. Fulfil new orders, review past activity and manage customer expectations.